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2011-12-06_035756_win-win - The impact of international...

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The impact of international business in domestic markets compels us to ask a question: "How can we survive in this global playing field, and what can we do to run our businesses more effectively?" Nowadays, businesses of all sizes search for suppliers and customers on a global level. International competition, foreign clients and suppliers may become a danger, but they may also create huge opportunities to develop our business. Furthermore, doing business overseas and be quite exciting. The increasingly global business environment requires managers to approach the negotiation process from the global business person's point of view. This approach includes aspects that are usually unimportant in some business dealings back home. Some of the components of a cross- cultural negotiation process are more complex and difficult, but will increase our success in avoiding barriers and failures in the international business arena (Salacuse, 2003). There are several important points to consider when doing business in a foreign country. These include the negotiating environment, the cultural and sub-cultural differences, any ideological differences, and being aware of potential foreign bureaucracy. In addition, it is important to realize the workings of foreign laws and governments, be aware of any financial insecurity due to international monetary factors, and be prepared for possible political instability and economic changes. If we consider the fact that doing business with foreigners is not an easy task due to many individual differences, it would be reasonable to suggest that negotiating with foreigners may hold additional inherent challenges. The way we perceive and create our own reality may be completely different to our counterpart's way of thinking, behaving and feeling. Unfortunately, just speaking the new language is not enough to face and solve the problems we may encounter. Language is a cluster of codes used in communication that,
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if not shared effectively, can act as a barrier to establish credibility and trust. We need more effective tools, and the most important is knowledge of all factors that can influence the proceedings. Nations tend to have a national character that influences the type of
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2011-12-06_035756_win-win - The impact of international...

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