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IMPROVED WORKING CONDITIONS I. Organizational effectiveness A. Prepare for organizational change 1. Mergers/acquisitions 2. Restructuring 3. Shifts B. Strategy implementation C. Strategic workforce alignment II. Assess behavior of members of organization A. Surveys 1. Prepare open ended questions 2. Include a variety of questions B. Review of worker evaluation 1. Determine worker effectiveness 2. Determine satisfaction C. Focus groups III. Improving behavior of employees A. Show concern for employees
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Unformatted text preview: B. Provide appropriate feedback C. Create goals D. Recognize employee efforts IV. Building strong teams A. Clear expectations B. Determine context C. Encourage commitment V. Managing conflict A. Choose your battles B. Determine how important the conflict is really 1. May need conflict mediator 2. Counseling is important C. Expect conflict as normal in the workplace D. Don’t fear friction among workers E. Use neutral language F. Avoid judgment...
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