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In answering these questions, I have learned a great deal about doing business with foreign associates. Furthermore, I have devised several important strategies to help when negotiating with representatives from the different countries we have outlined here. In researching the different countries, I see that the most has been written regarding negotiations with Chinese business people, so I will start there. Interestingly, there are actually guides for dealing with Chinese business people that have been written as the Thirty-six Strategies that I would find quite helpful in negotiation. Although somewhat known in the Western world for many years, the Thirty-six Strategies have taken on greater significance as many foreigners have tried to learn more about the Chinese and to do more business with the Chinese. The Thirty-six Strategies have become a part of a number of various ancient military approaches that have been modified and applied to the world of business. Although web searches for “36 strategies” will find many web sites about the strategies and numerous links for commercial courses on applying the Thirty- six Strategies to negotiating with the Chinese, there appear to be only a few authors who have written books that focus on the Thirty-six Strategies and negotiations, and how the thirty six may be used to my advantage. Although the Thirty-six Strategies are supposedly derived from military strategy, they also seem to reflect the Chinese approach to business, especially business with foreigners. A common Chinese expression is “The marketplace is like a battlefield,” or “The marketplace is a battlefield.” For the Chinese, business is like war. Perhaps the most
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2011-12-19_150609_negotiation - In answering these...

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