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Inter group development seeks to change the attitudes stereotypes and perceptions that groups have of each other. For example, in one company, the types, and the human resources department as having a bunch of ultra liberals who are more concerned that some protected group of employees might get their feelings hurt than with the company making a profit. Such stereotypes can have an obvious negative impact on the coordination efforts between the departments. Although there are several approaches for improving inert group relations a popular method emphasizes problems solving. In this method each groups meets independently to develop lists of its perception of itself, the other group and how it believes the other group perceives it. The groups then share their lists, after which similarities and differences are discussed Differences are clearly articulated and the groups look for the causes of the disparities. Are the groups’ goals at odds? Were perceptions distorted? On what basis were stereotypes formulated? Have some differences been caused by misunderstandings of intentions? Have words and concepts been defined differently by each group? Answers to questions like these, clarify the exact nature of the conflict. Once the
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2011-12-19_162946_addl_slides (1) - Inter group development...

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