6671317 - business& all of you out there who so...

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Q: Go to the Heritage Foundation Web site and select one country and comment on its Economic Freedom Index score. Be sure to identify at least one strength and one weakness in your comments. Heritage foundation is a non profit organization founded in 1994 .Its objective to pay tibute to  Britain. Objectives:  Britain wealth of talent whohaveeitherbring pleasure and joy too many people worldwide,  be done by number of commemorative events while helps to increase money  for our charity.  These events include erecting permanent memorials; the objectives without the support  of a large number of people from the world and cooperation of all people of show 
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Unformatted text preview: business & all of you out there who so generously contribute to our work by way of attending our events or making donations for which we are most grateful. ADVANTAGES : • ECONOMY OPPOURTUNITY: The heritage foundation helps for economic growth and provides economic opportunity. • PROSPERITY: Its also aim at prosperity for the country for better future. DISADVANTAGES: • The disadvantage is of taxes. • Another disadvantage is waste of nuclear energy . COMMENTS ON ECONOMIC FREEDOM INDEX SCORE : the index also has our traditional country pages, so that each freedom in every economy is explained in detail every country page includes new chart highlighting the strength and weaknesses of each country....
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6671317 - business& all of you out there who so...

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