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crimine justice - Copy - Copy

crimine justice - Copy - Copy - Working in the criminal...

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Working in the criminal justice system every decision requires balancing concerns such as prosecuting the guilty, respecting the rights of the accused, protecting the victims and creating safe communities. In this scenario you are a police detective and along with your partner you handle the majority of homicide cases in your town. A woman in your city was found walking alone at night and was later found brutally rapped, beaten, much for dead and she is now in Acoma. Earlier that evening a gang of young men were seen in the area assaulting and threatening kather spy. The responding officer picked up two members of the gang 14 years of age near the location of the crime after they sled questioning by the police. Your partner has just finished interviewing both of the suspects in separate interrogation rooms. Both youths have records for robbery and assaults. While entitled to having their parents present no significant effort was made to find them. While it is department policy to video tape important interviews
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