Encounter Geosystems lab one module five - Copy - Copy

Encounter Geosystems lab one module five - Copy - Copy -...

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Encounter Geosystems Name:[email protected] Date:jackson1 Chapter 5: Atmospheric Water and Weather This exercise will introduce you to atmospheric water and weather. After reading your text and completing these exercises, you should be able to: ? List the measurable elements of weather and describe the life cycle of a midlatitude cyclone. ? Analyze various types of violent weather—thunderstorms, tornadoes, and tropical cyclones, including recent trends. Download the weather.kmz file from www.mygeoscienceplace.com and open it in Google Earth™. Exploration 1: Water Vapor After reviewing the section “Humidity” in your text, double click on the Global Atmospheric Water Vapor during Hurricane Frances placemark and make sure that its box is checked. This animation shows water vapor levels for the whole globe from September 1, 2004, through September 5, 2004. It features Hurricane Frances in the western Atlantic Ocean and Typhoon Songda in the western Pacific Ocean. 1. Play the animation through a few times and observe the patterns of air circulation. Describe the patterns of movement around the primary high- and low-pressure areas and principal winds. Where is water vapor carried east? west? Do you notice spirals of moisture? 2. What are the patterns of regions of high and low water vapor with regard to air pressure and temperature? Compare the amount of water vapor in the tropics with the poles. Also compare the amounts of water vapor under the ITCZ, the polar front, and the sub-tropical high. Exploration 2: Clouds and Lifting Mechanisms
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Encounter Geosystems lab one module five - Copy - Copy -...

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