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OMU324 HW #8 - k2=57 N/m Assuming the displacement p as the...

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OMU 324 System Dynamics and Control Homework # 8 Due Date: 24.05.2011 1) Consider the mechanical system shown in the figure 1. Assume that x(0)=0 and p(0)=0. The numerical values for b1, b2, k1 and k2 are given as follows: b1=1 N-s/m b2= 2.85 N-s/m k1=4 N/m
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Unformatted text preview: k2=57 N/m Assuming the displacement p as the input and the displacement x as the output, obtain the transfer function X(s) /P(s). Then plot a Bode diagram for the system. Figure 1 HACETTEPE UNIVERSITY Mechanical Engineering Department...
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