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Mandi Jordan Critical Thinking Questions 4 1. List 5 Basic tasks of adolescence a.) Physical Maturation: Physical maturity plays an important role in peer relations. Adolescents who mature at a slower or faster rate than others will be dropped from one peer group and generally will enter a peer group of similar maturity. For early-maturing girls, entering into a peer group of similar physical maturity can mean a greater likelihood of early sexual activity. b .) Identity Awareness: Accepting one's physique and using the body effectively: The goal: to become proud, or at least tolerant, of one's body; to use and protect one's body effectively and with personal satisfaction. c.) Desiring and achieving socially responsible behavior/ Social Development (changes Achieving new and more mature relations with age-mates of both genders: The goal: to learn to look upon girls as women and boys as men; to become an adult among adults; to learn to work with others for a common purpose, managing emotions; to learn to lead without dominating. Achieving a masculine or feminine social role: To accept and to learn a socially approved adult masculine or feminine social role. d.) The Acquisition of Autonomy from peers and adults: Children derive strength from internalizing their parents' values and attitudes. Adolescents, however, must redefine their sources of personal strength and move toward self-reliance. This change is smoother if the adolescent and parents can agree on some level of independence that increases over time. For example, parents and adolescents should set a curfew time. That time should be increased as the adolescent matures. e.) Preparing for an economic career: Selecting and preparing for an occupation: The goal: to choose an occupation for which one has the necessary ability; to prepare for this occupation. Achieving assurance of economic independence: The goal: to feel able to make a living, if necessary. This is primarily a task for boys, in our society, but it is of increasing importance to girls. 2. Explain why decision making is so challenging for adolescents. During adolescents, the prefrontal cortex becomes increasingly efficient in communicating with other parts of the brain. This helps build a communication system within the brain that is more distributed and sophisticated, permitting the different areas of the brain to process
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Critical Thinking Ex 4 - Mandi Jordan Human Growth &...

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