AC 1000 Syllabus TR 10 and 1130

AC 1000 Syllabus TR 10 and 1130 - Curry College Foundations...

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Unformatted text preview: Curry College Foundations of Software Applications AC 1000 Sections 10 and 12- Fall 2009 Instructor: Office Location: Phone Number: Email Address: Office Hours: Class Time Section 10 Class Time Section 12 Final Exam Section 10 Final Exam Section 12 Deanna Gordon Kennedy 125C 617-333-2160 M 11:30 1:00; W 11:30 1:00 TR 10:00 11:15 TR 11:30 12:45 Friday December 11 @ 2:30pm Tuesday December 15 @ 11:30am PLEASE TURN OFF CELL PHONES, BEEPERS, ETC. UPON ENTERING CLASS. C o u r s e D e s c r ip tio n Covers the basics of the Windows Operating System, Microsoft Office, the Internet and web site evaluation. Students will become familiar with terminology and functions of Windows including proper file management. Utilizes an interactive, hands-on program designed to increase understanding of how software can be used in academic and professional environments. C o u r s e G o a ls Students will apply the features of Microsoft Office to their academic and professional goals. Students will understand how word processing, spreadsheet and presentation software relates to practical applications in the business and management sector. The course is structured to incorporate a combination of lecture and lab work to enhance, practice and implement the features of Microsoft Office, Windows and the Internet. G r a d e B r e a k d o w n Personal Challenges/Quizzes/Assignments 200 Exams 400 (4 exams, each exam; project, written) Integration Project 200 (Due as indicated on course schedule) Final Exam 200 If you have an A going into the Final, you do not have to take the Final . N e e d fo r A s s is ta n c e Students with disabilities who believe that they need accommodations in class are encouraged to contact the Student Disabilities Officer (telephone # 333-2182) as soon as possible to ensure that such accommodations are implemented in a timely fashion. Students enrolled in PAL should work with their PAL instructors (and, in some cases, the Coordinator of PAL) to determine appropriate accommodations. R e q u ir e d M a te r ia ls To be successful in this course all students must be able to access the below-mentioned resources. Textbook : Computer Literacy Basics Microsoft Office 2007: Campbell ISBN: 978-1-4239-0431-1 (The textbook selected for this course is actively used in class, please bring textbook to each class session). Case Grader Software Case Grader Challenges will be assigned throughout the semester. Due dates will be posted on Blackboard for these assignments. ISBN-10: 1423998561 or ISBN-13: 9781423998563 Textbook Activities: Each class will cover one or two of the activities in the textbook, as we complete each unit students will be responsible for completing the unit. Unit questions are posted to blackboard, students can complete and obtain instant results, Personal Challenges will be emailed to students or posted to blackboard, completed Personal Challenges will be emailed to the instructor on the due date.blackboard, completed Personal Challenges will be emailed to the instructor on the due date....
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AC 1000 Syllabus TR 10 and 1130 - Curry College Foundations...

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