Final Exam Study Guide -2010

Final Exam Study Guide -2010 - Study Guide for Nsg 2500...

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Study Guide for Nsg 2500 Pharmacology Final Exam May 2010 100 Questions-Multiple Choice Items First Dose Effect; Half-life concept Signs and symptoms of Anaphylaxis Parasympathetic Nervous Stimulation- Common Effects Sympathetic Nervous Stimulation- Common Effects Inhalers how to use them/order/types Stages of drug actions- How they work Hearing loss and medications Blood tests for certain medications: K+, Digoxin, Lithium (Know levels) General characteristics of the categories of cardiac drugs Calcium channel blockers ACE Inhibitors Adrenergic agonists Beta Blockers Vasodilators Diuretics Use of these for BP control, dysrhythmics, CHF (you don’t need to know classification system for dysrhythmics presented) Tropic effects: chronotropic/inotropic/dromotopic Characteristics and Actions of Cardiac Cells (like Automaticity/Conductivity/Excitability/Refractoriness) Location of action of diuretics in kidneys: Know which are used for what. (Like potassium sparing, ICP) Review these Specific Drugs/Categories/Groups for what they do, common side effects and
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Final Exam Study Guide -2010 - Study Guide for Nsg 2500...

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