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Lesson 6 Excel Basics - selected the upper-left cell in the...

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LESSON 6 SPREADSHEET BASICS AutoFill – A feature used to continue text or numbers in a sequence or pattern such as 1,2,3 or 5,10,15 Cell – The intersection between a row and column Cell address – The column letter and row number of the cell Clipboard – A feature that stores items that you cut or copy from one file, to be placed in another location or file in the same program or in another application Conditional formatting – Formatting that changes depending on the value, such as the color of numbers that are positive or negative Formula bar – A box that displays the contents of the active cell and is used to edit a formula or cell contents Gridline – A nonprinting line that separates cells Insertion point – A blinking line that indicates where the text you type will appear Name box – A box that displays the name of the active cell or range (or when the range of cells are
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Unformatted text preview: selected, the upper-left cell in the range) Number format – A format such as date, currency, or decimal, which specifies how numerical data will appear Range – A selection of two or more adjacent or non-adjacent cells that can be named in order to reference them in a formula without selecting the cells Spreadsheet – A program, such as MS Excel, that organizes data in rows and columns Table Styles – A feature used to apply formatting including shading, borders, and fonts to an entire table at once Workbook – An Excel file that contains three worksheets, by default Worksheet – In Excel, a group of cells saved in a workbook Worksheet window – In Excel, the main work area where you will enter, format, and edit info Wrap – To increase row height automatically without changing the width so that data appears in multiple lines (Alt/Enter)...
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