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Lesson 7 Worksheet Data-1 - where the page breaks will...

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LESSON 7 ARRANGING WORKSHEET DATA Ampersand (&) – A non-printing character used in headers and footers to differentiate elements AutoFilter – A feature that selects data using the criteria of the current table Filter – To exclude certain categories of data from view without deleting them from the spreadsheet or database Landscape – A page layout option where the page is wider than it is tall (11 x 8.5) Merge – To combine multiple adjacent cells into one Page Break Preview – An Excel worksheet viewing mode that displays blue lines that indicate
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Unformatted text preview: where the page breaks will occur Page Preview – A view that can help to identify adjustments you want to make to page breaks, column width, row height, and more Portrait – A page layout option where the page is taller than it is wide (8.5 x 11) Scaling – To keep the proportions of column width, row height, and font size, while making each smaller or larger to fit the page size Sort – To arrange data in sequential order, such as numerical or alphabetical...
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