Lesson 8 Formulas and Charts

Lesson 8 Formulas and Charts - perform a calculation...

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LESSON 8 USING FORMULAS AND CREATING CHARTS Absolute cell reference – A cell reference that does not change no matter where you paste the formula by using the ($) symbol Arithmetic operator – Percentages (%), plus signs (+), asterisks (*), and other characters used in mathematical calculations AutoSum – A function used to quickly perform a calculation on a range of cells Axis – A horizontal or vertical line in a chart X-Axis – Horizontal line in a chart (category axis) Y-Axis – Vertical line in a chart (value axis) Chart – A graphical representation of selected info (i.e., line, bar, pie or area graphs) Comparison operator – Used in a formula to indicate criteria such as greater than (>), equal to (=), or less than or equal to (<=) Constant – In a formula, a number that does not change Datasheet – The range of cells used to create a chart Formula – A combination of operators, functions words, numbers, or cell references use to
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Unformatted text preview: perform a calculation Function – Words that Excel recognizes as part of a calculation, such as SUM, to total a range of values or AVG to find the average of a range Label – A text box used to define data series, axes, a chart title, or other chart elements Legend (Key) – A chart label that lists the data series and color codes Mixed cell reference – A cell reference where either the column letter or row number is absolute but other is relative Reference – A cell address, a range such as A5:G5, or a named range, used in a formula Reference operator – Used to indicate a range of cells, such as a colon (:) to reference the cell area A5:G6, or a comma (,) to reference multiple cells or ranges • = formula prefix • ( ) range of numbers • : through Relative cell reference – A cell reference that changes based on the location of the formula Syntax – A rule used in Excel to perform calculation without errors...
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