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BSC2011_Slide Set 5 - 1/24/12 1 SLIDE SET IV...

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Unformatted text preview: 1/24/12 1 SLIDE SET IV Development’s Genetic “Toolkit”: Developmental Genes & “EVO-DEVO”* I. Developmental Genes A. Maternal-effect genes B. Segmentation genes C. Homeotic ( Hox ) genes II. Developmental Genes and Evolution of Body Forms (“Evo-Devo”) A. Role of Hox gene mutations on morphology B. Role of heterochrony *EVO lutionary & DEVO lopmental biology The developmental-Genetic “TOOLKIT” = speci¡c genes that code for proteins that control embryonic development. These proteins: 1. act as transcription factors (regulating gene expression) 2. are involved in speci¡c cell-signaling pathways 3. act as cell-adhesion molecules 4. act as cell membrane receptors 5. act as morphogens I. Body plan formation is regulated by various developmental genes : A. ______________________ genes 1. Code for egg cytoplasmic determinants (CDs) that direct egg polarity & body plan early in development e.g., the ___________ protein, a morphogen, in Drosophila B. _____________ genes : sequential expression of these genes guides the development of an embryo’s body plan, providing positional information that gives form to the embryo * for example: body axes and body segments are established A sequence of three types of segmentation genes are expressed: 1. _______ genes 2. ___________ genes 3. Segment-polarity genes...
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BSC2011_Slide Set 5 - 1/24/12 1 SLIDE SET IV...

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