Unit II Exam-B Spr12 Reg KEY(1)

Unit II Exam-B Spr12 Reg KEY(1) - BSC 2011 Unit II Exam...

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BSC 2011 Unit II Exam – FORM B Spring 2012 Name, please: ______ ANSWERS AT THE END ________ Multiple Choice: Please select the choice of the single best answer to each of the following questions and mark the letter of that choice on your scantron sheet. The last page of this exam is a sheet of scrap paper (please write your name on this). The second-to-last page of this exam is your essay (please write your name on this). 1. The color pattern in tortoiseshell cats is explained by ____. A. a homozygous recessive genotype B. a homozygous dominant genotype C. an X-linked dominant allele D. random inactivation of X chromosomes E. an X-linked recessive allele 2. An individual with type O blood produces antibodies against ___. A. type A blood B. type B blood C. type AB blood D. types A, B and AB E. no antibodies are made. 3. The function of centrosomes is to _____. A. synthesize the kinetochore B. synthesize the centromeres C. synthesize microtubules D. join sister chromatids E. form the chiasma 4. Compared to a cell in the G1 stage of its life cycle, the amount of DNA in that cell at the end of the “S” stage is _____. A. the same B. half as much C. it would depend on whether the cell was to undergo mitosis or meiosis D. twice as much E. four times as much 5. With human blood type AB, the A and B alleles are said to be _____. A. incompletely dominant B. co-dominant C. epistatic D. homozygous E. hemizygous 6. An example of a human polygenic trait is _____. A. height B. the A/B/O group of blood types C. blood clotting/hemophilia D. color vision E. all of the above 7. Which of the following correctly describes a homologous pair of chromosomes? A. They have the same alleles for a trait. B. They exist in haploid cells. C. They have the same DNA sequence. D. They came from the same parent. E. They have the same kind of genes. 8.
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Unit II Exam-B Spr12 Reg KEY(1) - BSC 2011 Unit II Exam...

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