Unit II Exam-A Spr12 Reg KEY

Unit II Exam-A Spr12 Reg KEY - BSC 2011 Unit II Exam FORM A...

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BSC 2011 Unit II Exam – FORM A Spring 2012 Name, please: _____ ANSWERS AT THE END ______ Multiple Choice: Please select the choice of the single best answer to each of the following questions and mark the letter of that choice on your scantron sheet. The last page of this exam is a sheet of scrap paper (please write your name on this). The second-to-last page of this exam is your essay (please write your name on this). 1. Sister chromatids move toward opposite poles of a cell during _____. A. anaphase of mitosis B. anaphase I of meiosis C. anaphase II of meiosis 2. Which process below is essential if the two cells produced as a result of mitosis are to be diploid? A. replication B. synapsis C. crossing over D. nondisjunction E. chiasma formation 3. Which of the following would be more nearly identical? A. homologous chromosomes B. non-homologous chromosomes C. sister chromatids before meiotic prophase I D. sister chromatids after meiotic prophase I E. chromosomes at metaphase II 4. A plant of genotype TTYy was crossed with another that had a ttYy genotype. If the cross yielded 800 seeds, how many seeds would be expected to have the genotype Ttyy? A. 800 B. 600 C. 400 D. 200 E. none 5. For a certain species, the purple allele for flower color is dominant to the white allele and the allele for curved petals is dominant to the allele for straight petals. However, a homozygous recessive petal shape always results in white flowers. If parent plants are Ppcc and PPCc, what proportion of offspring are expected to have white flowers with straight petals? A. none B. ¼ C. 1/2 D. ¾ E. all 6. What is the term used to describe the relationship between the two genes in the previous question? A. co-dominance B. incomplete dominance C. epigenetics D. epistasis E. complete dominance 7. If a female who is a carrier for hemophilia has children with a man who has normal blood clotting, what are their chances of their having a normal son? A. 1/1
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Unit II Exam-A Spr12 Reg KEY - BSC 2011 Unit II Exam FORM A...

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