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Unit I Essay Key regular

Unit I Essay Key regular - Please take a moment to...

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Please take a moment to formulate your answer (e.g., make a rough outline of the points you want to make) and then write your answer in good essay format : begin with a topic sentence and use complete sentences. Provide an example(s) if that further clarifies your answer. Be organized, specific and thorough. (10 POINTS TOTAL) ESSAY TOPIC: Without regard to any specific species, name and describe the four general stages of animal embryonic development beginning with fertilization (describe only in a general sense: omit the step-by-step details involved in each stage) by explaining the major pupose(s) of each stage. There are various stages that comprise early embryonic development in animals, each with its own general purpose. Basically, the events that occur during one stage prepare the embryo for what occurs during the following stage. [1 pt for topic sentence] The purpose of the first stage, fertilization, is for egg and sperm/gametes (1/2 pt) to come together and restore the full chromosome number
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