Quiz _3 Practice A

Quiz _3 Practice A - Quiz#3 BSC 2011-01 Spring 2007...

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Quiz #3 BSC 2011-01 Spring 2007 MULTIPLE CHOICE. Please choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1. Which is true of homologous structures shared by two different species? A. they have the same function in the different species B. they are evidence of extinction C. they are caused by the environment rather than genetics D. they have no current function E. they are evidence the two species had a common ancestor 2. In a population of Inuit Eskimos living on an island off the southwest coast of Alaska, the frequency of the I A allele involved in blood-type determination is 0.5 and the frequency of the i allele is 0.3. All possible blood types are present in the population. What is the frequency of individuals with Type B blood? (assume the population is at Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium). A. 0.55 B. 0.25 C. 0.16 D. 0.09 E. 0.05 3. Which of the following is NOT required for a population at Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium? A. there is no migration between this and neighboring populations B. natural selection is not acting on the alleles in the population C. mating between individuals is random
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Quiz _3 Practice A - Quiz#3 BSC 2011-01 Spring 2007...

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