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Quiz 3 Hon Spr12 KEY - BSC 2011-24 (Honors) Quiz #3 Spring...

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Unformatted text preview: BSC 2011-24 (Honors) Quiz #3 Spring 2012 Name, please: _______ ANSWER KEY ____________ Please write the letter of the best choice on the line provided. __ A __1. For a trait (antennal bristle number) with two alleles: F (few bristles is dominant) and f (many bristles is recessive), a non- Hardy-Weinberg population of 28 fruitflies has 6 heterozygotes, 16 homozygous dominant flies, and the remainder have the recessive phenotype. What is the frequency of the dominant allele in this population? A. 0.68 B. 0.57 C. 0.66 D. 0.34 E. 0.79 __ B __2. The human coccyx (tail bone) has no current function and is said to be _____, meaning that this was a functional structure in one of our ancestral species. A. analogous B. vestigial C. convergent D. adaptive E. homologous __ A __3. The most recent common ancestor of arthropods (e.g., crustaceans & insects) & vertebrates did not possess eyes, and yet both groups possess eyes for vision. Arthropods eyes have compound lenses and vertebrates have eyes with a single lens. both groups possess eyes for vision....
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