Written HW 2 KEY

Written HW 2 KEY - BSC 2011 WRITTEN HOMEWORK 2 (20 points)...

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Unformatted text preview: BSC 2011 WRITTEN HOMEWORK 2 (20 points) Spring 2012 Name, please: [91" ,2 This is due at the START of class on Thurs. 2/16. In all of the following problems, capital letters will be used to denote a dominant trait, and lower—case letters will be used for the recessive trait. Please show all work (paren lgenotypes, Punnett squares, multiplication, addition, “thought process”, etc.) and not simply an nswer to receive for full credit. Please also circle our final answer to each art. 1. Assume that H, R, T, N, and F are autosomal genes on different chromosomes. If a mating occurs between two individuals with the following genotypes: HhRRTthff x HHRthNan (a) what is the probability that one of the offspring will have the genotype Hthtthff? (Please show all separate punnett squares and your work.) 7 HHYHkfi a: may meg \ WM product mielém \ (b) Assume that each trait is a case of complete dominance (i .e., where “A” is comp e ely dominant over \ “a”,, etc .). What is the probability that an offspring will exhibit the dominant phenotype for each gait?) Pntmba‘hhg/a-F H_K.,Tfi Nu. Fae protui Cf WLM CT— lYlU/(flp C?) 2. In blue—footed boobies (a bird! really!), the blue allele (B) is dominant to the yellow allele (b). What are the chances that an offspring would have yellow feet if a yellow—footed booby parent is crossed , ' a blue—footed booby (one of whose parents had yellow feet)? rig] J garental genotypes: b h = X m u b i, M FM: Punnett square: 5 ‘4} ( 3. In parrots, the following genotypes and phenotypes for the color of tail feathers are found (a “?” indicates that either a dominant or recessive allele may be present in that position to give the indicated phenotype): FFGG 2 white F?gg = red ffgg 2 yellow FfG? = blue ffG‘? = orange = green A female parrot with orange tail feathers is mated with a male with blue tail feathers and they produce offspring with blue, yellow, red, and orange tail feathers. What are the genotypes of the two parents? (no Punnett squares are actually needed, but please show or explain the lggi_c_ you used to arrive at your answer to receive credit!) \ 15 I ‘ par/Le Mi -=~ flffi X a «Q¢G@ x F10} 'Mgpmtwcu that 9106.. (NJ ’ 1% ' eta ‘ 5H5!” a“ j) weal $2.3 (% } 6ang prim maxi/m W2 kg! was Raga. a “517‘ 4. For the purpose of this problem assume that in humans the gene for curly hair is controlled by a single gene and that the allele for curly hair (C) is dominant to that for straight hair (c). (L (wily) > 6: (sheet ' but) (a) If the first child born to parents who are both heterozygo for ype of hair is a boy with straight hair, what is the probability that the second child will be a curly—haired son? (PLEASE NOTE: the chance that an offspring will have a particular gender, male or female, is always 1/2). (please show all math/work) m3 “ ~—~ A ‘ md'flaf r7 4 ' arenta genotypes: x L} 80“- , Mod? Punnett square: 7 . {jail 72f; Wat/1% at v and = “5/4; y— pamz/fiy 51% £4} a Y; W? av (EMU/2;) (b) For the same parents as in (a), what is the probability that they have the following children in this order: a curly~haired girl, a curly—haired boy, and three straight—haired boy‘s? (please show all math/work) ‘ Era 4Wme .. ‘ I but es‘um‘ (vac/ZBXCB/MZ "‘ (79094743029) X {Ml/9 ' 9, ...
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Written HW 2 KEY - BSC 2011 WRITTEN HOMEWORK 2 (20 points)...

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