Homework 4 Key Spr12(1)

Homework 4 Key Spr12(1) - BSC 2011 Written Population...

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Unformatted text preview: BSC 2011 Written Population Genetics Homework: 20 points Spring 2012 C Name, please: __ _ I q Please show all worfofull credit 2: a: lease circle or ex yourfinal answer. If necessary, round values off to t e nearest hundre . This assignment is due IN CLASS on Thurs ay, 7 12 - thank you. 1. A population of fiddler crabs is in H/W equilibrium, with 528 crabs having a green spot on their backs and 97 2 crabs lacking any spot. The spot trait is controlled by a single gene with a recessive allele that causes a green spot to form and a dominant allele that prevents any spot fromfomling- H 1m) spa} > 'fi wilfwawsm-I- ' "+2 Pfiu— 8Z5] (a) What percent of the population are homo ous dominant? (3 oints) SM 92— 5ML: 525W, {Ye/T) so 528/15’OM0W #0135 3‘5 5057 (1566:0‘54I‘mLP3\’O,64JS5 ?= 0:44 go 9 léwmwt) :O,LHZ {— 0,. MI W (a) What percent of the pnspotted crabs are heterozygous? (1 poin) PM“? WWW (wall): (rd/jifflzltvéayavsq’) liar/M I 50 wow! a soar? WW" “W 9% MS/Oungfldmaé l . 5 ct 2. After a tornado he remaining pop lation of a spec1es of on31sts of only 25 . individuals (so it is n_o_t likely to be in H/W equilibrium). For a gene that determines wing pattern whereby the allele for speckled wings is dominant to the allele for solid wings, please calculate the frequency of the recessive allele in this population if ten butterflies have solid wings and all other butterflies are heterozygous. (4 points) “5+ WK) Se mufigggia z p I 25 bwcmfuesw zeta—+4 giaMflJ‘fi 'fiedflm PM. §25luddqé) E— =Sa®id I I I g) haul S y WVMMHj I5 bufidléercu 53‘- rf—a g3 (WW {5 move, E: ‘ 50 MW 6'1 35 E awfgw/zi allele: the dominant 3. What is the most common genotype in a p ulation of crickets if 67% ha phenotype (long leg bristles)? The allele for long leg bristles is dominant to the allele for short leg bristles. (4 points) W W WWW?“ ‘ ‘ (WW 0“”; 1w” , so sad/main fig; dm’nmflw hrmo ,rzcm, phi/WK EL 87—:0‘33 Taurfic £35230 7?: 0,5,; 9‘ '76» 93“”0555 so? : W , So %L:0433) 9L;Cdl‘t33’-gv Oa ) M Lpgiqomygja (one) 4. Assume that all four possible blood phenotypes are present in a particular population that is in Hardy—Weinberg equilibrium with respect to the ABO blood group. If the frequency of the “IB” allele is 0.5 and the frequency of the i allele is 0.3, What is the most common blood phenotype in this population? (4 points) p MW? gm W 92—, Lqma+rg Pxioia _ WW ‘3 4—),P‘r 4-? {inst +29 7 l} Cigzqwfilfim We 16.): M92— _ MWMETJM W‘s 44W W . - , V 6. Wticiém “EL 55 (I J“) > 6N4m2Mlga1/Wbpr ‘0‘5 k 9 r'mkserUuS M“ ,_ ‘ ‘l ‘ “z t I ‘ j y .Wsuudde,or r O 3 WW WA» .0 (it 6‘ goMIAaM 1W P “ml? L1“ ./ A: “14 10‘... [email protected])C&¥;3) '50" 0L} .f. Dill -; V ,_ 50%? 63 7am a?) *=- 01557. 5. Cystic fibrosis is a recessive mud ’on that affects about 1 in 2,500 babies in the population of the United States. Assuming aWerg equilibrium, please calculate the percenta e of heterozygous individuals (carners 1n the population. (4 points) fl 24> ‘ H/Ms‘o (JP-Iv >P%-+%L:l WWW-rem 72500 3 f5} go at”? amalgam <3rWWJOVg=Om (/101me P»: luOLUL) go r i so 2% :(2Xoiqaxc‘u0l) “3 0* 03”) W W ) ...
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Homework 4 Key Spr12(1) - BSC 2011 Written Population...

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