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CAREER DEVELOPMENT PORTFOLIO DEMONSTRATING COMPETENCIES Follow these steps and fill in the blanks below to demonstrate your competencies. Then add this page to your Career Development Portfolio. 1. Looking back: Review your worksheets from other chapters to find activities from which you learned to read and concentrate. 2. Taking stock: Identify your strengths in reading and what you want to improve. 3. Looking forward: Indicate how you would demonstrate reading and comprehension skills to an employer. 4. Documentation: Include documentation of your reading skills. 5. Inventory: Make a list of the books you’ve read recently, including any classics. Use a separate sheet of paper. Explain how you demonstrate these competencies: Competencies Your Demonstration Active reading ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ Critical reading ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________
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Unformatted text preview: Willingness to learn new words ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ Improvement in technical vocabulary ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ Articulation ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ Expressiveness ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ Ability to use a dictionary ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ Positive attitude toward reading ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ Technical reading ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ Form reading ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________...
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