427-HW4 - EECS 427 Homework 4 In this homework assignment...

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EECS 427 Homework 4 In this homework assignment, your group is to write a formal proposal for your chip. The proposal must be no more than 3000 words long. The proposal must include: An overview of the chip application. A register-level block diagram showing off-chip and on-chip components Discussion of why you propose to implement the chip in this way. The proposal must be printed on a laser-writer or other printer of similar character quality. Figures must be computer-generated. Be sure to cite any references you've used in your proposal, including those from web sources. Plagiarism will result in no credit and the honor council will be notified. You should write this proposal so that at least some of it (possibly edited) can be used in your final written report, which must conform to the format used in the DAC Student Design Contest. It is not required that the title and abstract be on a separate page for this proposal. If you enter the contest, please refer to the information on the Contest web site for any updates to the format and rules. The following are guidelines for the design contest entry - NOT the detailed proposal. But since a good portion of the detailed proposal may be appropriate for the design contest entry, you may be interested in these guidelines at this point. DAC Contest Entry Requirements The purpose of this contest is to promote excellence in education for integrated circuit designers at universities. It provides competition between students participating in classes
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427-HW4 - EECS 427 Homework 4 In this homework assignment...

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