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EECS 427 Homework 6 – Design Presentations We will use the final lecture plus an extra 100 minutes that day for design presentation. These will consist of a 15-minute presentation that includes a small amount allotted to questions/answers (aim for 12 minutes + 3 minutes for Q/A). You should provide an introduction to your application, and a discussion of your changes/additions to the baseline including particular emphasis on a portion of your design that you feel is unique or implemented well. This will typically be one of your datapath components. Provide layout and critical path analysis information of whichever component you choose to emphasize. Examples might include a unique shifter design, a square-root carry-select adder, the register file design, or the use of any novel design techniques described in class (pulsed registers, bus encoding, gated clocks, sleep transistors, etc.) Describing and reviewing a design is a common step in any design flow. Design reviews can take on many forms, from formal high-level reviews with customers in attendance to
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