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SO CIO L O G Y O F W O M EN 01:920:216:01 / 01:988:216:01 RUTGERS UNIVERSITY SPRING 2011 MTH 020 Loree Pr. Zakia Salime Time / M TH 10:55-12:15 Office Hours / MTH 12.30-1.30 Davidson Hall 137 Phone/732-932-6067 Email/ R e quir e d Book s Inderpal Grewal and Caren Kaplan (2006) An Introduction to Women's Studies: Gender in a Transnational World (Second Edition). McGraw-Hill Disch Estelle. Reconstructing Gender: A Multicultural Anthology (Fifth Edition). McGraw-Hill Girls of Ryad (2007) Rajaa Alsanea Fig Tree/Penguin Cour s e Introdu c tion How does society define womanhood and femininity? What are the institutions involved in the construction of sex and gender? How does this construction change over time? How is it resisted? This course is an introduction to the sociology of gender and women. We will focus on ZRPHQ¶V OLYHG H[SHULHQFHV of race, sexuality, nationhood, and violence in various settings and institutions. The comparative perspective of the course will enable students to understand the means through which various societies construct masculinities and femininities, and the ways in which this construction is naturalized and legitimized. This comparative perspective will challenge some of the VWXGHQWV¶ OHDUQW ideas about the self, gender, sex, femininity, masculinity, locality and identity. Cour s e obj ec tiv e s -Enable students to use the sociological imagination in understanding gender issues -Train students to develop writing skills through weekly reaction to the reading -Introduce students to think globally Cour s e r e quir e m e nt s 1)W ee kly Comm e nt s on th e r e ading s , one page requirement, submitted on Sakai on Monday before 10am ( 50 point s ) You are required to post a one page summary of the main ideas of the readings. Since we have several readings every week (usually a few pages each reading) you will have to devote
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This note was uploaded on 04/01/2012 for the course SOCIOLOGY 216 taught by Professor Salime during the Spring '12 term at Rutgers.

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syl - SO C I O L O G Y O F W O M E N 01:920:216:01 /...

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