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To the Editor, I would like to inform my suburban community about my investigations and research that I have been doing for the last couple of years to figure out why people from our community have been getting sick. Several members of this community have been affected from something far rather unexplainable to all, until today. I am standing up for all of us and letting all of you from our community know that the gas company is the blame for all of this. I conducted many experiments, and interviewed many of the sick adults who are hospitalized right now. They all have the same symptoms, and in my research for gas fumes, I found out that gas fumes can hurt our lungs. The gas company may have had a leak and they were not aware of it either until today, when I let everyone know in our community. We cannot let this just pass us by, we must all stand together to let it be known that we will fight for our community. If gas fumes are inhaled for too long, we can become terminally ill. It is said that by inhaling these fumes,
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