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The Fluorescent Spectaclepaper - Running head: THE...

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Running head: THE FLUORESCENT SPECTACLE 1 The Fluorescent Spectacle A stick that glows and used for dancing, why would that be so admired? Glowsticking is the act of dancing with glow sticks. This trend has a following it started in the early nineties. Glow sticks were preferred by many in the rave scene as items to dance with, and were preferred to other light emitting objects for an abundant of reasons, including their relative cheapness, their harmlessness and durability and their disposable nature. Glow sticks have become largely permanent as an icon of the rave scene, sometimes negatively, which is why there was and still is such a large occurrence of glow stick use by freeholders and glow stringers alike. (, 2008). A glow stick is a single-use translucent plastic tube containing isolated substances which when combined are capable of producing light through a chemical reaction -induced chemoluminescence which does not require an electrical power source. (Glow_ stick, 2012) Now where did glow sticks come from? Light energy is generally emitted when an atom is put into what is called the excited state. In this phase an outer electron absorbs enough energy to be promoted to a higher energy orbital or shell. As this electron goes back to its original position, ground state, it gives off the excess energy as light. An atom can be put into the excited
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The Fluorescent Spectaclepaper - Running head: THE...

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