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M16_2_M16_Discussion4 - number of zeros in the input 4 Use...

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UCLA Department of Electrical Engineering EEM16 Fall 2011 Discussion4 1. Ex. 4.7 Show that the operation (gate) represented by the switching expression is universal. You can use constants 0 and 1. 2. With the help of Table 1, determine the worst case propagation delay of the network shown in the figure below. (Need to obtain low to high and high to low delays to determine the worst case). Assume that each network output is connected to an input with load factor 1.
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3. Ex. 4.11 Analyze the NAND network shown in the following figure. Obtain a reduced
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Unformatted text preview: number of zeros in the input. 4. Use a * gate that implements the following logic: X Y X*Y 0 0 1 0 1 1 1 0 0 1 1 1 To implement that gate network of the function: ± ²²²³ ´ µ) ¶ ´ )· ´ µ ´ )· ´ ³· Hint: Simplify first and then draw the gate network. 5. Consider the following functions i. ¸²¹º »º ¼º ½) ± ¾¿²ÀºÁºÂºÃºÄĺÄÀºÄźÄÆ) ii. Dz¹º »º ¼º ½) ± ¾¿²ÄºÀºÅºÃºÄĺÄÀ) Use K-maps to minimize the sum of products form and product of sums form for each of the two functions. Write the Boolean expressions that result....
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