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M16_2_M16_Discussion10 - 3 Ex 10.24 Design a 8 x 4 binary...

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UCLA Department of Electrical Engineering EEM16 Fall 2011 Discussion 10 1. Ex. 10.19 Design an iterative binary comparator in which the internal variable (carry) goes in the direction from most-significant to least-significant bit. 2. Ex. 10.20 Design a network that sorts two nonnegative integers a and b . Each integer is represented by four bits. You may use only the following modules: 4 x 2-input multiplexer and four-bit comparator. Indicate all inputs on the modules being used.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Ex. 10.24 Design a 8 x 4 binary multiplier using AND gates and four-bit adder modules. Use the AND gates to produce the partial products and the adders to add them. Determine the worst-case multiplier delay in terms of the module delays. 4. Ex. 11.3 Design a bit-serial arithmetic unit that performs addition and subtraction for 16-bit operands and result in the two’s complement system....
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