Lecture 3 - ANTHROPOLOGY 1 Professor Terrence Deacon...

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ANTHROPOLOGY 1 Professor Terrence Deacon 01/24/12 Lecture 3 ASUC Lecture Notes Online is the only authorized note-taking service at UC Berkeley. Do not share, copy, or illegally distribute (electronically or otherwise) these notes. Our student-run program depends on your individual subscription for its continued existence. These notes are copyrighted by the University of California and are for your personal use only. D O N O T C O P Y Sharing or copying these notes is illegal and could end note taking for this course. ANNOUNCEMENTS First, there are many Rube Goldberg devices on YouTube. Take a look at them! Before I start, I also want to remind you of a few things. Many of you have already had a lab. There will be a quiz at the beginning of section. All the quizzes are posted online under “Resources” roughly a week in advance. This lets you look at all the questions that may be asked. You need to do this every week: it will help you keep up with the material and give you a clue as to what will be relevant for exams. If you are not yet officially enrolled in a section, you are at risk for being dropped from the course. You cannot petition me or the GSIs to gain admittance into a section. This is done exclusively through TeleBears . I urge you not to wait around, but to go online, find out what sections still have seats available. If you are interested in changing sections, beware. Once you drop out of a section to look for another one, you may not get in. If you have any problems , contact one of us. LECTURE I want to pick up from where we left off last time, and talk about the nature of natural selection, and how we get the idea wrong. In Darwin‟s early studies, he finds that there is an analogy between how traits change over evolutionary time ( natural selection ) and how animal and plant breeders modify a species so that they look different, and have different species and so on ( artificial selection ). “Natural selection” is a historically problematic term: nature doesn‟t select, but it filters . The filter of reproduction determines what gets passed on generationally. Darwin distinguishes how he and Jean Baptiste Lamarck think about this problem. Lamarck argues that the organism tries to adapt to its environment, alters its body, and passes these changes on to the next generation. He also thought that you have to exercise or exhibit certain traits in order to pass them on to the next generation. Darwin found this problematic, and it was brought to his attention by the fact that in most bee species, only the queen reproduces . The vast majority of the population of any hive is actually sterile females. Darwin wondered how all the workers had such distinctive behaviors so different from the queen without reproducing. How did they pass on those traits through the queen? Darwin‟s 1838 notebook features discussions with
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Lecture 3 - ANTHROPOLOGY 1 Professor Terrence Deacon...

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