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e1conts - No solution Exactly one solution In±nite...

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Concepts to know Exam 1 Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 Lines Intercepts Point Slope Formula Finding equations of lines Graphing Linear Modeling Cost, Revenue, and Profit Equations Break even Values supply and demand functions equilibrium point Least squares regression (Linear regression) Solving systems of equations Substitution method Subtraction/addition method Gauss-Jordan Method rref Matrices Different types of answers
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Unformatted text preview: * No solution * Exactly one solution * In±nite solutions. · Written in parametric form. · Placing restriction on the parame-ter. • Row reduced form • Matrix Operations – Addition – Subtraction – Multiplication – Equality – Scalar multiplication – Transpose • Inverses Matrices • Translating word problems to systems of equa-tions. • Any additional topic discussed in class....
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