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e2conts - • Shading Venn diagrams • Counting – Venn...

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Concepts to know Exam 2 This exam covers Chapter 3, Chapter 6, and section 7.1 Setting up a Linear programming problem. Be sure to define the variables. Inequalities Graphing Shading for the feasible region. Manipulation Solving Linear programming problems. Graphing method * feasiable region * Corner points * How to find a solution. Set operations. Subsets and Elements. Translating sets to English. Translating English to sets.
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Unformatted text preview: • Shading Venn diagrams • Counting – Venn Diagrams – Tables – Trees – Multiplication Principle – Combinations – Permutations – Counting what you want by counting what you don’t want – ±ormulas. • section 7.1 – Sample space – Events – Outcomes – Mutually exclusive • All problems like those on the handouts • Any additional topic discussed in class....
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