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Concepts to know Exam 2 This exam covers Chapter 3, Chapter 6, and section 7.1 Setting up a Linear programming problem. Be sure to defne the variables. Inequalities Graphing Shading For the Feasible region. Manipulation Solving Linear programming problems. Graphing method * Feasiable region * Corner points * How to fnd a solution. Set operations. Subsets and Elements. Translating sets to English. Translating English to sets. ±illing in a Venn Diagram
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Unformatted text preview: Shading Venn diagrams Counting Venn Diagrams Tables Trees Multiplication Principle Combinations Permutations Counting what you want by counting what you dont want ormulas. section 7.1 Sample space Events Outcomes Mutually exclusive All problems like those on the handouts Any additional topic discussed in class....
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