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Touro University International Jose A. DeJesus Operations Management for Managers OPM 500 Module #4 Session Long Project Dr. Jean Gordon During the course of this paper I will consider how quality could be improved in the IBM Company. I also will discuss the concepts of Total Quality Management (TQM), quality assurance, sampling, statistical control and continuous improvement and demonstrate the appropriateness of IBM services or manufacturing. In addition, I will address how control charts can be applied to a process and the purposes of acceptance sampling. Lastly, I will provide recommendations on how to improve the quality as a manager at IBM. IBM quality can be improved by ensuring that all the products and services meet the targets and specifications established by its designers. They need to ensure that costumer’s satisfactions are number one priority. We can do this by getting the consumers the right product quality and service useful for the price paid. Another way to improve quality is by providing the support available to costumers after the product or service is purchased. Customers have interactions with employees’ everyday and every customer interaction has its own unique needs that involve individual attention. Every business prompts their customer to seek service or support from their company whenever needed.
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Therefore, that is why customer service is such a factor to the success of a business in the technology industry such IBM. Many of the solutions offered by this company are attached to some type of support, which is critical. This service
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