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Touro University Richard Gonzalez OPM 300 Module 2 Case Dr. George Marron
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Module 2 Case During the course of this paper I will discuss where on the Process Continuum (from the power-point/background materials) does the processing of coffee lie? How would I characterize the process (in terms of operations management) of "making coffee"? I will support my answer by invoking the process characteristics described in the Background Information and referencing each appropriate page or paragraph in the web-sites above that describes that characteristic. Productivity and, thus, capacity for coffee manufacturing is dependent on a lot of different factors -- some within the plant itself, and others outside of the manufacturing/processing facility. What factors should be considered when estimating the capacity for a facility like Lion Coffee Company's Kona facility? I will support my answer with references from the Background Information and/or the web site above, or any other pieces of information I can locate through your search of the web or TUI's library resources. The process of coffee making according to the background material can be characterized as a continuous process. If we take a look at the definition given by slide # 8 in the back ground material, continuous operations processes are capable of producing one or a few standardized products in very high volume. In the case of coffee making we can see that the one or few products being produced are coffee in different types of size and quality. The Lion Coffee Plant web page shows that their plant produces at least ten different types of coffee selections. Heavenly Hawaiian Farms web page shows that they produce an even larger
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MOD2CaseOPM300 - Touro University Richard Gonzalez OPM 300...

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