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Touro University Richard Gonzalez OPM 300 Module 2 Session Long Project Dr. George Marron The purpose of this paper is to integrate the concepts and operations management principles learned during module two and discuss how process selection and capacity planning influence other departments and functions of International Business Machine (IBM) such as marketing, finance, accounting, human resources, etc. In addition, I will label and describe some of the operations management related to the terms in this module. IBM’s process selection can be described as both, intermittent operations and continuous operations. Their process selection is intermittent because they are capable of producing a large variety of product designs in relatively low and large volumes. The company is also capable of producing one or few standardized designs in very high volumes. Examples of intermittent operations are chip-making technologies. During the last eight years, IBM has introduced five revolutionary chip-making technologies: high-speed copper wiring, silicon-on- insulator technology, silicon germanium chips, low-k dielectric insulation, and “strained” silicon. On the continuous operations side one example can be their laptop computers line. Currently, IBM carries a line of laptop computer designs that are produced in very high volumes. Since IBM produces a diverse variety of products and services operations, they must
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MOD2SLPOPM300 - Touro University Richard Gonzalez OPM 300...

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