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MOD4CaseOPM300 - Touro University Richard Gonzalez OPM 300...

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Touro University Richard Gonzalez OPM 300 Module 4 Case Dr. George Marron
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For this module I have been assigned to read the following article: “What’s in a car quality score? J. D. Power report is not a full performance guide for consumers”. After reading the article, I will define quality. How is it measured? What are the various dimensions of quality? I will identify and discuss the dimensions that have been mentioned in this article. Of what value are these rankings to the auto manufacturers? I will discuss the various ways in which they do or might use the rankings. What might the customers be looking for in the J.D. Power's report? Quality is the concept of making products fit for a purpose or providing services with the fewest defects. The customer mainly defines quality. If a product or service does not meet the expectations of a customer, then the quality is poor. Besides this look at quality, there are other ways to define quality. Quality can be defined based upon conformance to specifications. If the product or service meets the tolerance determined by its designers then it conforms to its specifications. Another way to define quality is by its fitness for use. This definition evaluates how well the product or service performs for its intended use. One more way to define quality is in terms of product or service usefulness for the price paid. Two more ways to define quality are support services and psychological criteria. Support services defines quality in terms of the support provided after the product or service is purchased.
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