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In the background materials for this module, I asked you to look at Coca-Cola's on-line tour. Think about being a Coke manager. What type of sampling technique would you use to make sure that there was consistency? Be specific to the principles of operations management from your background materials. According to the background material, acceptance sampling is the technique I would use in order to make sure there is consistency on the Coca-Cola product. There is no way we can sample every bottle or can of Coca-Cola. It is not cost efficient and if we test every
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Unformatted text preview: bottle or can, there will not be any left for use by the customer. Acceptance sampling is "the middle of the road" approach between no inspection and 100% inspection as stated by the background material. A sample should be picked at random from the lot, and on the basis of information that was yielded by the sample, a decision should be made regarding the disposition of the lot. In general, the decision is either to accept or reject the lot. This process is called Lot Acceptance Sampling or just Acceptance Sampling ....
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