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Trident University Rafael E. Martinez Business 401 Module 2 Globalization and Global Strategic Planning Session Long Project 2 Dr. Carmen Castro Identify cultural conflicts or issues in the company you selected. Identify and discuss the sources of conflict related to the culture of the country or countries where your Company does business. There are several cultural conflicts happen because McDonald's has restaurants in different parts of the world. There are differences in religion, or ethnicity, or simple differences in eating habits. Further, McDonald's is recognizes as an American restaurant and those that have conflicts with Americans do not have positive feelings towards McDonald's. The issues related to cultural conflicts are wide. A restaurant is perceived differently in different cultures. In addition, the menu items mean different in cultures and not finding some familiar items may turn off customers. Further, the prices of the same product have to differ from culture to culture from country to country. Most important, the method of communicating with the locals must match the needs of the local culture. The advertisement of McDonald's in US may not be appropriate in China.
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SLP MODULE 2 - Trident University Rafael E. Martinez...

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