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SLP MODULE 3 Revised

SLP MODULE 3 Revised - TUI University Rafael E Martinez...

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TUI University Rafael E. Martinez Business 401 Module 3 Session Long Project Dr. Carmen Castro For the following assignment I have to write a paper about the international financial manager at the company I selected, which is the McDonalds Corporation. The financial manager is the individual who is in charge of international financial management at the company. I also have to describe the position they hold in the firm? What is his or her background? Discuss his or her approach to managing foreign risks? Give examples. Be detailed and be specific. This paper discusses Mr. Peter Bensen, who is currently the international financial manger of the McDonald's corporation. Mr. Bensen is currently holding the responsibility for financial matters for McDonald's corporation consisting of Accounting, Controls, and Tax etc. These are described below. McDonald's Corporation is the best global food- retailer all around the world, with approximately 29,000 restaurants in more than 120 countries. In Canada, McDonald's opened its first foreign franchise in 1967. In all over the world, more than 70% of
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McDonald's restaurants are owned and operated by independent domestic men and women.
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