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Q1. Please discuss the pros and cons of globalization. Pros : The access to global expertise, ease of entry into target markets, and the cost of business within the new market, the extensive relations between countries diplomatic, It allows the mixing of different cultures, allowing to know the lifestyle of other Nations, and it allows the circulation more easy to merchandise and technology. Cons: Generates and or creates a dependency within the Nations that form part of it and implies a loss in the integrity of cultures and even more affects the developing nations for is with greater force to the developed nations. -The loss of progressive tariffs, customs and other foreign taxes, in the long term, if measures are not taken could generate major problems affecting the countries more poor. Costs of business within a new market, lack of comparable supplies abroad, and the added difficulty in managing diverse working groups.
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Unformatted text preview: 062810.aspx Q2. What is unique about global marketing? The process of conceptualizing and then conveying a final product or service worldwide with the hopes of reaching the international marketing community . Proper global marketing has the ability to catapult a company to the next level, if they do it correctly. This was the definition given by the I guess that what makes global marketing unique is that exactly that it is global and it involves the whole world and all that it in tells. What are the main challenges of global strategy? The increasing intensity of competition in global markets is a challenge facing companies at all stages of involvement in international market.
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