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Trident University Rafael E. Martinez MAT101 - College Mathematics Module 2 SLP Dr. Gregory Dlabach I have a phone plan that offers 500 free minutes for a flat fee of 20 dollars per month. If your usage exceeds 500 minutes, you pay 50 cents for each minute. We will set up a linear equation to model the monthly cost of this phone plan. Let x be the number of minutes I'm on the phone each month and y be the cost in dollars of using the phone. Then y = 20 + .5(x-500) A friend of mine has a smart phone. The monthly plan for it offers 700 free
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Unformatted text preview: minutes for a at fee of 30 dollars. If your usage exceed 700 minutes, you pay 30 cents for each minute. Let x be the number of minutes you talk and let y be the cost. Then y = 30 + .3(x-700) We want to find out how many minutes each of us would have to use our phones to pay the same amount in one month. We can do that by considering the system of equations y = 20 +.5(x-500) y = 30 = .3(x-700)...
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