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Module 2 SLP 2 - Trident University Rafael E. Martinez...

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Trident University Rafael E. Martinez MAT101 - College Mathematics Module 2 SLP Dr. Gregory Dlabach Throughout our daily lives we all experience in on manner or another some mathematical relationship. Many people fail to recognize that the foundation of the activities the do on a daily basis are rooted in mathematical theory. Whether it’s exercising on a treadmill or preparing a budget, mathematics is a ubiquitous part of all our lives. One particular form of mathematics occurs through observations of two variables that have a direct relationship with one another. This type of relationship is known as a linear relationship. Examples of linear modeling can be seen in several aspects of our lives. For instance, a treadmill is a perfect example of a linear relationship. The constant speed at which an individual runs can be represented by the formula speed = distance/time. Since people already know the speed that they can run at the objective is to determine how long it will take them to run a certain distance. Thus the formula becomes: distance = speed * time.
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Module 2 SLP 2 - Trident University Rafael E. Martinez...

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