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Question 1: Please read Practicing Ethics - Violent Video Games , p 305, and 1. A. In your judgment are violent and sexually explicit video games harmful to children? They can be harmful to children, in the same way that violent movies and TV shows skew children’s view on violence. If they grow up seeing violent acts they will think that it is ok to be violent. They will not realize that violence can cause pain and suffering and isn’t just fun and games. A study done in 2008 with US and Japanese children had these results, “In every group, children who were exposed to more video game violence did become more aggressive over time than their peers who had less exposure. This was true even after the researchers took into account how aggressive the children were at the beginning of the study -- a strong predictor of future bad behavior” (Harding, 2008). Even if violence does not happen the children are more likely to have short attention spans, and skewed views of the world. B. Would an ethical, socially responsible video store owner decline to sell violent or sexually explicit videos if evidence is revealed that those videos often reach children? Explain. This is a tough one; I would think that a socially responsible person would stop selling violent or sexually explicit videos if they knew they were being viewed by children. However this could make them lose business. There is a fine line between what is right and what is wrong. If they continue to sell the videos children can be subjected to something they are too young to understand. At the end of the day it is a parent’s responsibility to regulate what they allow their children to watch. 2. A. Will the free market and industry ethics satisfactorily protect society from any harm that may emerge from video game playing or is legal intervention necessary? Explain. I do not believe that the video game industry will prevent children from playing video games that are not age appropriate. It is their job to not market them to the wrong age group but it is the parent’s job to make sure that their kids are not playing these games, and if they are that they understand the difference between real and simulated violence. I do not believe that legal intervention is needed other than making sure that they are regulated by age group. Although video games are violent and some would like to see them banned, “The United State Supreme Court ruled 7-2 on Monday that California could not ban the sale of violent video games to minors” (Staff, 2011). This happened this past June, and if California can’t make it happen it will not happen. Banning video games that are violent would be no different than banning books that are too sexual or not Christian enough. When will it stop?
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B. Should the first amendment protect video games from government oversight? Explain.
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Belden_Assignmentweek3 - Question 1 Please read Practicing...

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