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Question 1: Find a website illustrating a topic discussed in Chapter 12. Identify the employment law to which it relates and discuss it in the context of the chapter materials . I chose drug testing and the legality of it. I have worked for a few companies that required drug testing. The one company that I worked for required all applicants to be tested but did not actually test every sample. They randomly selected applicants to test. However there were a lot of people who worked there who did drugs. The drug testing appears to have been for nothing. The website that I found relating to drug testing is actually a law website. More and more employers are using drug testing to “weed out” potential problems. Many employer use pre-employment testing to ensure that employees are drug free. Several others also employ the use of random testing. According the textbook, “ A number of states forbid random drug testing or limit it to safety-sensitive situations” (McAdams, Neslund, and Zucker, 2009 p488). The proponents of drug testing state that “Drug Testing primarily targets people who use marijuana, as the other drugs which are tested dissipate very quickly. Marijuana may remain detectable for up to 90 days -- long after the effects are felt. Often people who have never done any drugs will fail a drug test as a result of false positives and inaccuracies within the testing industry itself ” (, 2011). This may or may not be true. Are marijuana users any less capable of doing their jobs, than those who smoke cigarettes, or drink alcohol? The Fourth Amendment forbids any unreasonable search or seizure. Does drug testing count as an invasion of privacy? Should individuals have the right to do illegal substances in their non-working hours?
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Belden-Assignmentweek4 - Question 1 Find a website...

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