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Timber harvesting is a very controversial subject. Wood is a needed product but many environmentalists do not like the fact that trees need to be cut to get timber. From what I have read of XYZ Timber Company, we go to great lengths to ensure that most of the timber that is harvested is from sustainable sources. Looking over the issues that the company is facing, there are several improvements that I believe should be made to improve sales, and to help with legal and social roadblocks. As a timber business we have a responsibility not only to the company but to society. Our product is a needed product, but can be harvested in many ways. The best solution is to harvest in the best way possible. We want to ensure that we make a profit, but that there is still wood for future generations. Bach and Allen state that “Nonmarket strategy recognizes that businesses are social and political beings, not just economic agents. Because companies create and distribute value, a plethora of actors seek to influence them — formally, through laws and regulation, and informally, through social pressure, activism and efforts to shape the public perception of business. Companies can’t escape this. Smart executives, therefore, engage with their social and political environment, helping shape the rules of the game and reducing the risk of being hemmed in by external actors” (Bach and Allen, 2010 para # 3). Although we are a company primarily focused on profits we also have a responsibility to do what is legally and socially responsible. I have developed several solutions that will help this company meet all the goals that we have set forth. I will discuss my strategy during this report. Although most of our timber comes from domestically harvested there is bound to be some imported lumber used. Imported lumber has different guidelines that a company must adhere to. According to The Lacey Act 1 , we must declare all imported timber, including the country and where it was harvested. This is to illegally sourced timber. If we want to improve how we are viewed by society we need to ensure that all wood we harvest is legally obtained. Being sustainable is not only a good idea for the company but is a good idea for the
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FinalProject_CJB - Timber harvesting is a very...

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