Belden_Week One Individual Assignment

Belden_Week One Individual Assignment - Belden Week One...

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Unformatted text preview: Belden Week One Individual Assessment Personal Plan and What I Found By Taking Assessments: The textbook describes Self-awareness as “knowing your own style, motivations, goals and personality and how these characteristics influence your application of job-specific skills” (Ivanevich, 2006). When a person is trying to become more self aware of themselves, they need to first step back and look at who they are. What are their strengths, weaknesses, values and personality? I garner this to a yearly job review. You are giving yourself a review, looking at yourself from the outside, trying to determine what you need to work on. This can be hard for some, saying that they have faults. For others they may have a hard time realizing that they are actually good at something. I have taken assessments on my communication and learning style for previous classes. I also knew from a project that I am an introvert with extroverted tendencies. However I learned a lot about my management style and realized that I am not as self aware as I assumed that I was. I realized by taking the assessments that I need to work on being a better team member and communicating with others. This is the introvert in me; I do not like to meet new people and never know what to say without being awkward and weird. Which oddly enough when I interview and train new employees I do really well getting them comfortable with me and talking to them. When you are in a position of leadership is important to be self aware or your risk not being an effective leader. If you are not completely aware of your weaknesses you could be judging a subordinate on something that is one of your weaknesses. That’s why it is important to fully assess yourself constantly to make sure that you are developing as a leader. Being an effective leader requires one to constantly change how they do things. When you are part of a team you need to be able to incorporate everyone’s different abilities and learning styles into the group. Effective communication is a major part of this. Since I have trouble with confrontation it can be difficult to make sure others are doing their part. In the past I often did a lot of the work in a group because I just wanted to get it done and did not want to question others. This is something that I need to work on. Scores: 1-1a Self-Awareness Survey When I took the Self-Awareness survey I did what it said I did the pre category then took the survey after taking all the other surveys and reading the chapter. I noticed an improvement in the survey. During the pre my score was 63, my score after I had read the chapter was 73. This is a 10 point increase; I noticed that I improved for the better. I became more aware of myself and what part I play as a leader....
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Belden_Week One Individual Assignment - Belden Week One...

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