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Unformatted text preview: Corey Belden Week 2 Individual Assignment As I stated on the last assessment I do not currently have a job and have been unemployed since last June, as a result many of these questions do not pertain to me. I tried to answer them with what I do in my day to day life. I have taken similar surveys before that were merely monitoring tools, not really meant to help you change anything, they were just making you aware. I plan to take what I learned from these surveys to heart and actually use them to make myself a better person; I will discuss that at the end. Scores: 3-1a Stress-Diagnostic Survey With this survey as I do not have a job I do not really experience any of these things and as a result put ones for almost everything. Below the results are broken down into categories. The only question that I answered anything more than a one on was 18, which was I take action or make decisions that affect the safety or well-being of others ( Ivancevich, 2006 p#62). I currently rescue animals, and as a result a considerable amount of my household income goes to their care. I would not change it for the world, but at times taking care of them can cause a lot of stress. Anyone that has companion animals knows, they can make a lot of messes, several of them are chronically sick, and require extra care. It was actually a good thing that I lost my job I have been able to spend a lot more time at home. Although I am not sure what I will do when my unemployment ends next month. I was not aware that this specifically applied to being a manager. At my last job I was responsible for a team of five. If they made a mistake I was reprimanded for it. I also felt bad for hiring them in the first place because the company was a deplorable place to work, but I needed a team to work around me. I wouldve rather chosen my team than have the owners pick horrible people that I would be forced to work with. Role Ambiguity= 1 Role Conflict = 1 Quantitative Overload = 1 Qualitative Overload =1 Career Progress = 1 Responsibility for People = 1.8 Time Pressure = 1 Job Scope = 1 3-1b Stress Assessment Personal Stress Assessment Inventory With regards to Predisposition, most of my scores were in the eights. I often talk too loudly in fact others have commented that I talk too quickly and loudly at times. I have attention deficit disorder and have trouble with interrupting people. I often get too excited about what they are saying and over speak them. This has been a huge problem for me for years. This is rude and I hate the fact that I do this. I want to change so that people do not think that I am rude and inconsiderate of what they were saying. I take a lot of time out for myself, taking several vacations a year. I love to travel, and would rather play than work. I have never liked working I hate doing something for a company that makes so much and pays me so little. This is why I want to start my own business....
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Belden_Week2individualassignment - Corey Belden Week 2...

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