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Corey Belden Individual Exercise 4-3: Information systems security is a major issue today. Many employees use the work computer as if it were their own personal computer. They download software, go onto non-work related websites, and access things that they should not. This not only costs companies a lot of money in lost time, but can also pose a security risk. When the company does not use secure software for personnel information than any employee can access it. 1. So the goals incorporate proper goal characteristic attributes? What are the attributes? Best Short Term goals: 1. Within one month all employees must be given username and passwords that can monitor use. 2. Within one month determine classification of employees and who should have access to what information. 3. Within one month determine if the internet is being abused. Best Long Term Goals: 1. Within three months create and implement training on job descriptions and levels of access. 2.
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