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Corey Belden Week Three Individual assignment Assessments: 6-1a Test Your Knowledge of Business Law When I answered this, I got a score of 13. I knew a little about business law mainly from being a manager and hiring people. I was not aware that a general partnership requires the partnerships participants to personally take on any debt or liabilities incurred from the business. I knew that a business owner who does not mark themselves as an LLC or a corporation is liable but was not aware that a partnership was the same. The other thing that I learned from this assessment was that when you have something copyrighted it does not cover the content only the way that they are presented. I found this on about what a copyright can do for an individual: “What is copyright? Copyright is a legal device that provides the creator of a work of art or literature, or a work that conveys information or ideas, the right to control how the work is used. Those rights include: reproduction right -- the right to make copies of a protected work, distribution right -- the right to sell or otherwise distribute copies to the public, right to create adaptations (or derivative works) -- the right to prepare new works based on the protected work, and performance and display rights -- the right to perform a protected work such as a stage play or display a work in public. An author's copyright rights may be exercised only by the author or a person or entity to whom the author has transferred all or part of her rights. If someone wrongfully uses the protected material, the copyright owner can sue and obtain compensation for any losses suffered” (, 2011). 7-1a How Ethical Am I? I consider myself to be an ethically sound individual. I like to think that I know what the right thing to do in a situation is. I scored a five on this assessment. The questions that I did not answer zero to were, questions three, four, and six. While I do not agree with using company time to do personal things, there comes a time when as a salaried manager you may need to use downtime to make a personal phone call or send an email. I did this in my last job; I was there sometimes 12 hours a day, which is way past when many other businesses are open. I did not have a lunch or breaks, and as a result had to make phone calls during my time at the office. Although employees that work an hourly rate and are expected to be busy the entire time that they are there should not be using company time to make phone calls or emails. Some companies are allowing employees to use Facebook or other social
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Corey Belden Week Three Individual assignment media to take a mental break. I am guilty of this I would have a stressful call and would need to vegetate; I would usually go to MSN or Yahoo and read an article to make me relax. When I own a company I do not see a problem with this as long as it is not for very long. I have found that allowing an employee to relax for a minute after a stressful
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Belden_Week3individualassignment - Corey Belden Week Three...

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